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Free cloud storage from Amazon


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Cloud Drive is a platform for cloud file storage offered by Amazon. You'll need to open up a free account, which will give you 5 gigabytes that can be used as you wish.

The desktop application will make your work easier since it allows you to keep a copy of all your Cloud Drive content saved on your computer.

To add content, you just need to drag and drop folders from your computer to the application and they will sync in the background as you go on working, just like with Dropbox.

One of the advantages is that you can access your content using the Kindle Fire or the Android app, which will automatically sync the pictures from your smartphone or tablet.
How to back up your information on Android

A recent study conducted by Western Digital has uncovered alarming statistics related to user habits when it comes to making backup copies of their information. 27% of those interviewed had lost valuable information on their mobile devices at least once because they'd never made a backup. This fact is even more shocking if you consider the number of services and tools that exist to automate this process. Here, we'll explain a few different ways to back up the information stored on your Android smartphone or tablet.
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